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If you are in self-isolation, lonely or just stressed: Call me for some nice words..      FREE OF CHARGE!!

Dear Friends! 
Unfortunately this is a hard time in the life for both of us..
We are worried, stressed, many people lonely or sad ...  A lot of things happing in the life at the moment.
I can help you in these times to take off the stress with my lovely tantric services , 
BUT: my service is not only massages!!  Who is already visited me is know::  This is love, friendship, care and connection..
So if you are cant visit me:  dont hesitate to make contact .. I still try my best over the phone or via the chat service just here..   
Please note!!::::   non sexual/erotic  chat service !!  This is for your soul !! 
I have a lot of positive energy and love in my heart and soul,, which is ready to share with you..
Just call my number if you need it some nice word, a lovely chat.. , If you need someone to listen to you.. 
This all is absolutely  FREE of Charge!! (normal O2 phone call!! )
We have to help for each other by all way!!  I share with you my soul....   You share with me yours...
Dont hesitate to call an Angel...                                                         / All donate is goes to                                                                                                                          my designer business                                                                                                                             account /

          07955 257003

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