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  Services..  Tantra Massage = "Tantric Freedom for your Soul"...                            The feelings of LOVE



ABOUT THE Tantric Massage :;

This service included the all massages: full body, tantra, nuru, lingam and prostate massages... and of course: I need a lovely massage from you... :) / sorry.. you cant touch it my intimate area.. .. just stay be a good boy :)/

I am only in topless..  because I have to controlling you,, and myself :)

You need to take  take a shower before and after....

I can promise:: You will have very strong emotions!! Every minutes is the fire!!! Very-very relaxing,, "recharging..

Please note, and dont ask::  I am not nude in this treatment time!! I will be only in Topless!


-THE FULL Tantric Connection :;   Its not "more services"....nothing have MUST to do..   just the freedom for the feelings....  and that is free.. / the fee is just for the time and for my professionalism../  Just a very enjoyable time together..  Nice for you, and nice for me...   I hope soooooo......  

Please note::  I am not an escort girl,, so please dont ask any sexual service !!

Tantra Massage is much more than just a massage, it's a journey into the self. This is an ART!! It is designed to send you on an emotional and physical rollercoaster, not recommended for the faint hearted but more in tune with the massage enthusiast. Time and space dissolve and troubles fade away. With variable pressure and gentle touch, the mind and body fluctuate between a deeply relaxed state and heightened states of sensorial and energetic arousal, a time to re-awaken forgotten memories and enjoy the simple pleasure of human touch without the need or expectation to do anything, to be anywhere, to please anyone, but just to be in the moment.


All areas of the body are included in the treatment. While this is a physical and emotional experience it is not to be confused with a sexual service.!!

For clear it your mind, taking off the all stress, and make the feel stronger: YOU LIVE!!

        PLEASE NOTE:::            Incalls   available  again, but only by appointments!!    

Outcalls able too, but because   I warming the oil or the milk, etc..  I cant do that in a hotel room, so I can visit only your home ... sorry Guys :(

                                                                                             Thank you for your understanding..

Non escort,erotic sensual massage professional
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