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Tantric Massage vs Sensual Massage

Traditional Tantric Massage is different from a basic sensual erotic massage. The I am trained in a specialist course to learn authentic Tantric practices and bring them to you. Tantric massage normally lasts between one and three hours because I am opening up your energy flow and this will take some time.

Tantra is about way more than sex; it’s about energy and healing. In the tantric context, healing and spiritual enlightenment are very pleasurable because when we heal energetically, our body opens up to experience pleasure. This is why erotic and tantric massage have become confused. Tantric massage is intensely pleasurable but in a very different way than sensual massage.

Tantric massage activates energy flow and you end up with an incredible high feeling that some people might say is similar to being high on drugs, but it’s very different because it’s natural and pure, without side effects and paranoia. A Tantric massage will give you a whole new experience of your sexuality and open up doorways to a new understanding of your nature as a spiritual and sexual being.

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