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Removing the Chat option

Explaining: I try to explain why I had to remove the chat option from my site

My Dear clients. Unfortunately for a while I have/had a bad experience with chat users –This chat was for help with mental wellbeing, and not about the massage service...

Lately, in the last 10 months, many visitors to this website have used the free chat option to contact me. Which is ok.

But most of the messages were about the massage service, and badly: sexual content.

This service is NONsexual!!!

My experience: the visitor's huge percentage is not reading descriptions on the website at all.

Asking me about the price, location, etc. ALL information is available on this site!


The popular question is:

I use toys for prostate massage?

Not!!!! Prostate massage is not some kind of fetish or gay play... That is a proper massage for your prostate!! Not a strap-on escort/domina service!!!

Help for men who are having problems, mostly after prostate surgeries.. and men from the older generation

Also, I can't tolerate when visitors try to use the chat at night and respond very badly as to why I do not answer.

I going to delete Whatsapp from my phone as well.

If anyone would like to arrange an appointment: just call me, please.. on the phone

I don't like people trying to call me by video call at night, asking me to send pictures, or: sending me photos. Especially erotic pictures.

I prefer a phone call, with a number .. and this is mean: "communication"

Please do respect!!!

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