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Tantra and Full Body Orgasms

Tantric massage has been equated with erotic massage because it involves massage of the whole body including the sexual organs. However, the reason for the massage of the sexual area in Tantric massage is very different. The Tantric massage of the sexual area is referred to as lingam massage for men, and yoni massage or therapy for women / I do not offer for women /.

Authentic sensual massage in Cardiff, South Wales
Authentic sensual, erotic massage in Cardiff, South Wales

In erotic massage, the aim is to release sexual tension. In Tantric massage, the aim is to move the life force (sexual energy) through the body. The aim of this is to heal the body by feeding the power of the sexual energy to your cells. Because of this, Tantric massage does involve ejaculation. Instead I will will move the energy of the orgasm up your body. This can result in a full-body and multiple orgasms as the whole body starts to vibrate and pulse with the orgasmic energy.

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I've always wanted to experience the pleasure of having a tantric massage with a whole body orgasm.


Just come .. my pleasure to give you the first one 😊


Alaways wannted a tantric massage and I’m going to have one

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